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Fixer Upper?

HAVE OR WANT A FIXER UPPER? In a world of  a thousand TV shows designed around purchasing a home that needs work, renovating your current home or purchasing a home to renovate and sell it is im

How can I increase my credit score?

Five credit habits that can boost your score    Your credit score is essentially your passport to financial opportunities. With a possible range of 300 to 900, your score tells lender

What documents do you need?

  Are you looking for a pre-approval or an approval? This is where you will find the difference between pre-approvals and approvals as well as a list of documents required for each.   Wha

Plan Now for your Mortgage Renewal !

Start Planning Now for your Upcoming Mortgage Renewal !  The best plan to prepare for your upcoming mortgage renewal is…. just that, a plan. Mortgage rates have recently increased and th

Understanding Your Payment Frequency

I can pretty much guarantee you each week I have a client ask me a question such as  'Why should I pay my mortgage bi-weekly vs accelrated bi-weekly” or 'Why should I pay my mortgage mo

Taking your time to purchase?

Do you want to make a move in 2018, but aren’t ready to do so tomorrow or maybe even next month if that perfect house doesn’t come along? Or are you waiting to “see what the market d

Understanding Insurance

It’s easy to get caught up in home buying frenzy and just focus on finding that perfect home. During all that excitement, be sure to take some time to get acquainted with a few key terms. Here

Welcome Home Card

It’s not often I will advise my clients to add another credit card to their wallet, so why write about credit cards?  First, let me start by saying, that it's important to handle credit re

Why Private Lending?

When thinking about getting a Mortgage, most clients typically think of their bank as the best option. But what happens if the bank says “No”? There are other options!  1. Purchasi

Variable or Fixed? What should I do?

The sky is falling, the sky is falling, or at least that seems to be what most people were thinking last week.   It seems we have all gotten used to historically low interest rates and there

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